MotorScrubber Suction Kit

MotorScrubber’s Suction Kit allows you to dry as you scrub. Designed for use with the Jet3 or M3, this kit includes suction housing, quick fit squeegees, a 16.4 ft. universal hose adapter and two hose clamps.

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MotorScrubber’s Suction Kit is designed for use with the Jet3 or M3. Simply connect the suction housing and attach it to any wet vac using the universal hose adapter.

Tech Specs

  • Kit includes:
    • Suction housing: fits both JET & MS2000 models
    • Universal hose adapter: Cut to fit any machine
    • Hose: 16.4 ft.
    • 2 hose clamps: These clamp the hose to the aluminum handle
    • Quick fit squeegees: Both for the front and the back

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