Sapphire Scientific Hoses and Wand Kit for Portables

Sapphire Scientific’s professional-quality components ensure the best clean possible with portable extractors. This kit includes a premium 12-in. dual-jet wand with low friction PTFE glides that reduce drying times, lessen fatigue and minimize damage to baseboards or furniture. The kit also includes 25-ft. sections of a quick-connect pressure hose and a durable vacuum hose.

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Designed for use with portable extractors, this Sapphire Scientific hoses and wand kit features a 12-in. dual-jet wand ideal for cleaning baseboards and under furniture. It also includes a quick-connect pressure hose and durable vacuum hose.

Tech Specs

  • Includes:
    • 12-in. Wand
    • 25-ft. Pressure and vacuum hoses
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