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An carpeted office building with light coming in through the window.

Bringing the Heat: Understanding Hot Water Extraction

When it comes to getting a deeper clean, you need a method that will bring the heat. Hot water extraction is a popular choice for cleaning and restoration professionals on a wide range of…
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handwritten checklist in a journal

A Restoration Pro’s New Year Checklist

Are you stocked up on your restoration equipment for the New Year? Now is a great time to take inventory of your supplies, service your equipment to make sure it’s in optimal working condition…
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open-concept office with natural light

5 Tips for Deep Cleaning an Office Building Like a Pro

With employees, visitors and guests coming in and going out all day, office buildings can get pretty dirty pretty quickly. Throw in cold and flu season on top of that, and it may just…
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home with holiday wreath on fire

Fire Damage Restoration: Tips for Keeping Crews Safe

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, is the most dangerous time of the year when it comes to fire damage. There are several factors that contribute to this including increased stress…
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bright yellow construction electrical temporary power box 6506GU

Choosing the Right Temporary Power for the Job

Need power on a job site? Portable generators and temporary power boxes can be used on water damage restoration sites where the electricity has been knocked out or can’t safely be used. Whether you’re…
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janitorial services wet floor sign

Essential Cleaning Materials for Janitorial Services

Just in time for back-to-school season, we’re taking a look at the janitorial services industry. Whether you run your own janitorial business or work on a professional cleaning crew, working in schools presents a…
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A Closer Look at Heat on Water Damage Restoration Jobs

Heat is an essential element for drying water damage on restoration and remediation jobs. Yet, while this principle may sound simple at first, tackling a water restoration job is not so easy. It takes…
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contractor holding safety gear including hard hat, safety glasses and gloves

Essential Safety Gear for Restoration Professionals

In honor of National Safety Month, which takes place throughout the month of June, we are highlighting essential safety gear that every restoration professional should have in their toolkit. No matter the size or…
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ozone generator

Hydroxyl Machine vs. Ozone Generator: How to Choose the Best One for the Job

Odor control is a critical part of every restoration and remediation job. While some deodorizing products work by covering up or masking odors, hydroxyl machines and ozone generators are two powerful tools that actually…
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Upholstery Care Essentials

When you’re faced with heavily soiled carpets, rugs or furniture, you need professional-grade upholstery care products. At Atex, we take pride in stocking and distributing the leading cleaning solutions to provide cleaning and restoration…
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