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Common Causes of Fire & Water Damage

Fire and water damage are two of the most formidable foes you encounter on the front lines in your profession. In the world of restoration, there’s no room for hesitation. That’s why we are…
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Fire Prevention Week: 6 Simple Strategies to Keep Clients Safe

Every year, thousands of businesses and homes fall victim to fires, resulting in not only property damage but also loss of life and livelihoods. As restoration professionals, you recognize the dangers and devastation that…
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Breathe Easy, Work Better: How to Use Air Scrubbers

Whether you’re tackling a moldy mess or cleaning up after a flood, an air scrubber is an essential piece of equipment you’ll want in your metaphorical — and literal — tool kit. Let’s take…
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New to the Restoration Industry? Build Your Skills with IICRC Training

Popular with individuals who like problem solving, working with their hands and making a real difference, the restoration and remediation industry offers a rewarding career path. There is high demand for skilled technicians across…
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Bringing the Heat: Understanding Hot Water Extraction

When it comes to getting a deeper clean, you need a method that will bring the heat. Hot water extraction is a popular choice for cleaning and restoration professionals on a wide range of…
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A Restoration Pro’s New Year Checklist

Are you stocked up on your restoration equipment for the New Year? Now is a great time to take inventory of your supplies, service your equipment to make sure it’s in optimal working condition…
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5 Tips for Deep Cleaning an Office Building Like a Pro

With employees, visitors and guests coming in and going out all day, office buildings can get pretty dirty pretty quickly. Throw in cold and flu season on top of that, and it may just…
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Fire Damage Restoration: Tips for Keeping Crews Safe

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, is the most dangerous time of the year when it comes to fire damage. There are several factors that contribute to this including increased stress…
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Choosing the Right Temporary Power for the Job

Need power on a job site? Portable generators and temporary power boxes can be used on water damage restoration sites where the electricity has been knocked out or can’t safely be used. Whether you’re…
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Essential Cleaning Materials for Janitorial Services

Just in time for back-to-school season, we’re taking a look at the janitorial services industry. Whether you run your own janitorial business or work on a professional cleaning crew, working in schools presents a…
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