About Atex.

Since 1996, Atex has been known as one of the fastest growing, individually-owned suppliers in the cleaning and restoration industry. After buying the existing inventory of the original owner over 20 years ago, Chad Hill cultivated the Austin business, increasing product lines and adding equipment repair services. Expanding in the late 90s, Chad opened the Houston location to service those involved in remediation during the mold-crisis. Today, this location is the headquarters of their operation offering not only remediation supplies, but also cleaning and restoration products and equipment.

Not only recognized as the go-to distributer for over 20,000 high quality products and equipment, Atex is also known as the sole source for IICRC-certified training courses in Texas. In fact, companies send individuals from all across the U.S. to participate in Atex-led training sessions because of the superior hands-on training they provide.

Atex is really the clean sweep when it comes to cleaning and restoration know-how and supplies. Coupled with their training capabilities, a 18k square foot warehouse and order-fulfillment locations through the U.S. allows Atex to ship products and equipment throughout the nation. Focusing on knowledge to get the job done right, supply the pros for any job and troubleshooting along the way, Atex is your one-stop-shop.

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