Prochem ProCaps Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning Machine

Prochem’s advancements in encap cleaning equipment and solutions allow cleaners to maintain that “like new” look year-round. When done correctly with the right tools and solutions, low-moisture encap cleaning can greatly reduce the need for regular steam cleaning of carpets. Because carpets are dry in under 30 minutes, encap cleaning is the perfect choice for interim cleaning in high-use areas. Encap cleaning with Prochem Procaps machines is as easy as daily vacuuming but is much more effective than traditional carpet maintenance systems. For best results use with Chemspec’s EncapBrite products.

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The Prochem ProCaps Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning Machine provides an ideal solution for cleaning high-traffic areas.

Tech Specs

  • Brush width: Standard: 16. 5 in. | Deluxe: 17 in.
  • Brush RPM: 470 RPM
  • Wheels: 3 in. non-marking grey
  • Weight: Standard: 48 lbs. | Deluxe: 56 lbs.
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