Why Renewing Your IICRC Certification Should be Your New Year’s Resolution

Atex’s on-site classroom for IICRC certification in Houston, Texas

With the New Year upon us, now is the time of clean slates and fresh starts. It’s also the ideal time to map out your goals — both personal and professional — for the months ahead. That could mean expanding your services, honing a specific skill that’s in high demand or even starting your own business. But one thing that should be at the top of every restoration professional’s list? Renewing your IICRC certification.

Issued by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), the organization responsible for maintaining quality standards for the industry, IICRC Certifications are considered the gold standard. The title of IICRC Certified Technician carries a high level of prestige in the industry — frequently compared to an attorney passing the Bar Exam. It indicates a mastery of skill, expertise and access to a set of tools that set you apart — and help keep you at the top of your game.

However, part of what sets you apart is the level of investment that is required. This is not a one-and-done situation. Instead, the IICRC requires all Certified Technicians to renew their certifications each year. There is a two-year grace period for anyone who missed the renewal deadline; but once that window has passed, additional fees are required to be reinstated.

Continuing education is also required to maintain your certification. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills, network, grow your connection and gain new insights into the restoration industry on a regular basis. Many Certified Technicians prefer to complete their training throughout the year, rather than all at once, so they can schedule it during slower seasons or planned downtime.

Take advantage of the New Year to get your training and renewal on the books. From preparing you for complex on-the-job challenges to connecting you with leaders in the field, keeping your IICRC certification up to date will only set you up for success. Visit the IICRC’s website to learn more about the courses offered and check Atex’s class calendar to book your next training. We’re here to help you maintain your pro status.

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