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Category: Water Damage

Common Causes of Fire & Water Damage

Fire and water damage are two of the most formidable foes you encounter on the front lines in your profession. In the…
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bright yellow construction electrical temporary power box 6506GU

Choosing the Right Temporary Power for the Job

Need power on a job site? Portable generators and temporary power boxes can be used on water damage restoration sites where the…
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essential equipment for water damage restoration

Essential Equipment for Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is serious business. Flooding, spills, leaks and natural disasters can cause major structural damage fast. Drywall can be severely…
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Moisture meters are vital to measuring moisture content and potentially preventing water damage.

How Do Moisture Meters Work?

There’s an easy way to catch moisture problems before they cause expensive damage to a home or commercial facility — moisture meters.…
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