Upholstery Care Essentials

When you’re faced with heavily soiled carpets, rugs or furniture, you need professional-grade upholstery care products. At Atex, we take pride in stocking and distributing the leading cleaning solutions to provide cleaning and restoration professionals a one-stop shop for supplies.

We’re frequently asked about the best products for cleaning fabric. With so many varieties and specialized products, depending on the type of fabric or stain, it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the most common challenges faced when cleaning upholstery and product recommendations for each one.

Fine or Damage-Prone Fabric

When dealing with fine fabrics, you want to look for a mild solution or cleaning agent that will gently remove dirt and brighten light fabrics. Prochem’s Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent and Shampoo are two popular solutions that are specially formulated for easily damaged fabrics.

Bright Fabric

It can be challenging to remove stains from bright fabrics without causing fading. Acid-side cleaning solutions like Chemspec’s Colorfast Extraction Upholstery Cleaner help protect richly saturated colors while removing stains and preventing browning.


Porous materials like carpet, upholstery and even subflooring are more prone to trap unwanted odors. There are several dual action cleaning solutions that are designed to help deodorize in addition to cleaning dirt, dust and stains. For example, Dri-Eaz’s Milgo SR can be added to laundry to deodorize fabrics, including rugs, while Milgo Plus provides disinfectant properties to kill bacteria and mold in addition to unwanted odors.


If you’re looking for a green or lower toxicity cleaning solution, eco-friendly products may be your best bet. While there is a wide range of eco-friendly solutions available, BotaniClean is one of the most effective and economical options. EPA-registered as a Category IV low-toxicity disinfectant, BotaniClean doesn’t require PPE during use and it also allows you to clean, disinfect and deodorize all in one step.

Looking for something not listed above? Let us know! We are happy to source the cleaning solutions you’re looking for. Our qualified team can also provide recommendations for what product may be best suited for a particular job.

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