XCS 500 RoofTec System

The XCS 500 RoofTec System has ability to soft wash and pressure wash all with the same equipment. The XCS500 is designed for quick setup, chemical adjustment on the fly and years of hassle-free operation. This machine package includes everything you need to start cleaning residential exterior surfaces.

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Designed for quick setup and hassle-free use, the XCS 500 RoofTec System from Legend Brands is designed for cleaning residential exterior surfaces.

Tech Specs

  • Pressure: Adjustable: 100-2500 psi
  • Engine: 14 HP Kohler: 900 RPM (idle) – 2500 RPM (max)
  • Quickly shift from soft washing to pressure washing without changing hoses, saving time
  • Easily adjust between 0 and 6% bleach concentration with SH metering system
  • Reliable and quiet Kohler engine can run for 7 hours on a single tank of gas
  • Comes with live hose reels that hold 200 ft. of solution hose and 100 ft. of fresh water hose
  • Spray up to 50 feet for easy roof and siding cleaning from the ground
  • Fits into a pick-up truck or trailer
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