Nilodor Wood Cleaner & Conditioner

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Clean, condition and revitalize wood surfaces with Nilodor Wood Cleaner & Condition. This gentle and easy to use product not only revitalizes surfaces with a long-lasting luster, but it also helps conceal surface scratches. Avocado oil, cedarwood oil and olive oil are used to replenish the luster, color and richness of wood. These are combined with the new technology of a Citrus terpene surfactant that draws upon the natural chemical components found in citrus fruits for optimal cleaning and stain removal efficacy.

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Nilodor Wood Cleaner & Condition gently removes surface dust, fingerprints and grime to conceal surface scratches while making wood look revitalized with a long-lasting luster.

Tech Specs

  • Avocado oil, cedarwood oil and olive oil
  • Stain removal
  • Gentle, easy to use
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