Honeywell North 7583P100L Organic Vapor & Acid Gas Cartridge

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The Honeywell North 7583P100L cartridge filters acid gases, organic vapors and particulates commonly found in water, mold and fire restoration.

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Designed for use with any North half- or full-face respirator, the Honeywell North 7583P100L is a NIOSH-approved cartridge that filters acid gases, organic vapors and other particulates found on restoration sites.
Tech Specs

  • For Use With: North Full or Half Mask N Series Respirators
  • Cartridge Approved For: AG, OV, P100
  • Color Code: Magenta, Yellow
  • Respirator Connection Type: Threaded
  • Typical Application: Combination organic vapor and acid gas cartridge & P100 filter. For environments containing organic vapors and acid gases (chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine dioxide). With a P100 particulate filter for all particulates.
  • Approved for: OV, AG, P100
  • Respirator Cartridge Type: Air Purifying Respirator
  • Standards: NIOSH


Cartridge Reference Chart     NIOSH Protection Factors

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