Bestorq Classical Cogged V-Belt - AX43

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The Bestorq Classical Cogged V-Belt (AX43) is a raw-edged notched belt designed for higher load ratings than standard wrapped belts. The lower compression section of the belt consists of an engineered synthetic fiber-reinforced EPDM rubber compound made to be heat and oil resistant and provide excellent wear resistance, cool running and flexibility. The upper rubber directly surrounding the tensile member cords is also fiber-reinforced, created for great adhesion to the tensile member cords. The cogs/notches are engineered to give the felts superior flexibility on both smaller and larger diameter pulleys.

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Designed for higher load rating, the Bestorq Classical Cogged V-Belt (AX43) is a raw-edged notched belt featuring compounds designed to be heat and oil resistant, provide advanced flexibility and long-lasting durability.

Tech Specs

  • Top Width: .51 in.
  • Thickness: .34 in.
  • Inside Circumference: 43 in.
  • Approximate Outside Circumference: 45 in.
  • Temperature rating: -70•F to 260•F
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