Be Prepared: Hurricane Preparedness Tips to Improve Safety

Hurricane Preparedness Tips to Improve Safety

Can hurricane preparedness improve overall safety during and after a storm? Believe it or not, there are several easy ways to help mitigate the dangers caused by projectiles and interior flooding. This includes reducing the risk of leaks that will cause mold and mildew, even if the building hasn’t sustained major damage.

While hurricane season is unpredictable from year to year, here are some hurricane preparedness tips that will keep people and properties safer before the next storm hits.

1. Trim Trees

Dead branches in trees and on large bushes will easily snap and become projectiles in hurricane-force winds. Keep landscaping clear of any plants or furniture that could be lifted off the ground.

2. Install Storm Shutters or Barriers

Windows are often boarded up before a storm, but storm shutters and barriers are built to add an extra layer of protection. Prevent glass breakage and protect the interior of the building with properly installed shutters or barriers.

3. Seal the Roof Deck

A properly sealed roof deck reduces water entry by as much as 95%. Sealed roof decks are also less likely to detach and fly away during a storm.

4. Create a Disaster Plan

The time to gather important business and insurance documents isn’t during a storm. Create a folder with documents and important contacts beforehand, so everyone can check in and take care of any repairs early before mold takes hold.

5. Check Coverage

There may be insurance policy additions or changes that will help on the road to recovery. Make these changes before the storm to help make life easier during the aftermath.

6. Reinforce the Envelope

There are products and processes to reinforce or harden the building envelope, which includes walls, doors and even foundations to give the building a better chance of standing up to a hurricane. Even modest repairs and reinforcements can go a long way toward sealing off leaks and preventing damage from wind pressure.

When storms come through, damage is inevitable. But these hurricane preparedness tips can help mitigate some of the dangers. Atex is here for you after any hurricane or natural disaster, and we offer a variety of commercial-grade, high-quality cleaning equipment and products for restoration and remediation professionals. Shop our catalog online or give us at a call at 713.944.0319 to get a quote.

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