XPOWER M-25B Cordless Axial Air Mover with Ozone Generator

XPOWER’s cordless, battery-powered M-25B Axial Air Mover features a 5000 mg/hour ozone generator and a brushless DC motor for powerful extended airflow with penetrating ozone coverage. Ideal for sanitizing and deodorizing medium to large areas such as hotel suites, residential buildings, offices and basements, the M-25B eliminates odors caused by mold, mildew, mildew, tobacco, fire and smoke, water and flood damage and animals.

This product is not for sale in California. Please note, it is recommended to use this product in unoccupied spaces and to ventilate the area before re-entry. It can be harmful to people, pets and plants if used while occupied.

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XPOWER’s versatile, cordless and energy-efficient M-25B Axial Air Mover combines powerful, focused airflow with an industrial-grade ozone generator for combined cooling, ventilating, drying and odor control. The torque-packed brushless DC motors propel the air speed and volume needed for whole room circulation and ozone penetration, while the deep pitch fan blades and spiral grill design provide extended, focuses airflow. These features are combined with an industrial-grade ozone generator to provide the versatility needed to use in a wide range of small, medium and large applications. Additional features include precise variable speed control, an included stand for 360-degree directional air flow, Always-On setting, 3-hour Set-N-Forget timer, separate on/off toggle switch for the ozone generator and an ozone indicator light for safety.

Tech Specs

• 115V / 60 Hz
• 2.5 A
• 115 Watts
• 1200 CFM
• Cordless, rechargeable battery powered
• ABS Housing
• Unit Weight: 13.5 lbs
• 5000 mg/hr ozone generator
• Brushless DC motor

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