Turbo Force 15" Turbo Hybrid

The Turbo Force Turbo Hybrid 15″ tile tool is, our best tile and grout cleaning tool that we have seen. The advanced low profile design allows the Turbo Hybrid to reach under benches and areas that other similar tools simply can’t reach. The rotary design provides for an efficient and very effective system for cleaning tile and heavily soiled grout. The Hybrid’s spinning spray bar with twin 0502 MEG jets, blasts away dirt and grime from hard surfaces which is then rapidly recovered through the vacuum ports located around the circumference of the tools cleaning head. The Hybrid ideally requires at least 800 psi to clean effectively and has a working pressure rating of up to 2,500 psi. The Turbo Hybrid will couple to any suitable high pressure portable or truck mount extractor as well as pressure washers coupled to a vacuum recovery system. The 15″ Turbo Hybrid is capable of cleaning over 110 square meters per hour.

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