Sandia 500 PSI Carpet Extractor

The Sandia 500 PSI Carpet Extractor features powerful vacuum motors offer up to 250 inches of water lift for efficient solution recovery, resulting in better extraction and faster carpet drying. An innovative air intake design keeps the high-performance motors cool by using the vacuum’s own cooling fans to pull outside air over the motors to reduce motor temperature and prevent overheating. The heated units include a 2000 watt in-line heater that allows extraction with up to 200 degree Fahrenheit solution. This carpet extractor also features 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks for easy fill and dump disposal, waist-high controls for ease of use, 10-in non-skid/non-marking wheels and highly durable roto-molded polyethylene tanks to withstand tough environments.

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Designed for efficient solution recovery and improved carpet drying, the Sandia 500 PSI Carpet Extractor features powerful vacuum motors, advanced air intake design, 12-gallon solution and recovery tank, waist-high controls and durable roto-molded polyethylene tanks.

Tech Specs

  • 10-in. non-skin, non-marking wheels for easy stair climbing
  • 25-ft. safety power cord
  • Recessed controls to protect them during use, storage and transport
  • Durable, dent-resistant roto-molded polyethylene tanks
  • Optional:
    • Crush-resistant, 25-ft. vacuum and solution hoses
    • “S” shaped stainless-steel wand with dual spray jets
    • 4-in. stainless steel upholstery tool available



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