Prochem Olefin Pre-Clean

Prochem Olefin Pre-Clean is ideal for olefin fiber carpets usually found in offices, clinics, health care facilities, institutions and other commercial buildings. Specially formulated with high-grade detergents, solvents and amphoteric surfactants, this product loosens soil that adhere to fibers with a static bond, in addition to sticky oils and greases that can cause yellowing and fiber discoloration. It can also be used on soot-damaged synthetic carpets, upholstery and light filtration soil issues.

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Ideal for olefin fiber carpets in high-volume commercial environments, Prochem Olefin Pre-Clean is specially formulated with high-grade detergents, solvents and atmospheric surfactants to remove oils, grease and other challenging soils.

Tech Specs

  • RTU pH: 0–10.4
  • Coverage: 1 gal. makes up to 33 gals. of RTU solution for approximately 400 sq. ft. per diluted gal.
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