Nilodor Nilotron Full Release Odor Neutralizing Fogger

This powerful fogger neutralizes malodors caused by fire, smoke, floods and decay. Covering areas as large as 8,000 cu. ft., Nilotron Full Release Odor Neutralizing Fogger penetrates porous materials to remove unwanted smells.

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Using Super N Concentrate, a powerful odor-control formula, Nilodor’s fogger eliminates smells caused by smoke, cooking, decay, cannabis, tobacco and mildew. This product is suitable for use in homes, warehouses, apartments, garbage areas, kennels or pet areas, hotels and motels and restoration projects.

Tech Specs

  • 6.25 oz. aerosol cans
  • One fogger treats 8,000 cu. ft.
  • Contents of can empty fully within one minute
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