IPC Eagle 390-AD Flood Pumper

The IPC Eagle 390-AD Flood Pumper is a powerful, rugged flood recovery vacuum with an automatic discharge pump. Designed for use in large areas, garages, workshops, hallways and entryways, hard floors and carpeted area, this versatile vacuum features a modular design and easy-to-replace sump pump. It also features a standard bayonet connector for the discharge hose and includes adapters for garden and sump pump hoses.

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Rugged and versatile, the IPC Eagle 390-AD Flood Pumper is a tri-motor wet recovery vacuum designed for use in both large and small areas.

Tech Specs

  • Wet/dry applications
  • 17 gallon dent- and rust-resistant tank
  • Stable, no-tip design
  • Easy transport
  • Power: 3 x 600W
  • Airflow: 267CFM
  • Water lift: 71 in.
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