Extech Extension Moisture Probe (MO290-EP)

The Extech Extension Moisture Probe (MO290-EP) featured dual sharp 3.4-in. pins and comes with 30-in. cable length. The Extension Moisture Probe can be used with Extech’s Moisture Probe Extenders (MO290-EXT) to increase the working distance of the probe up to 23 in. when two extenders are combined together.

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The Extension Moisture Probe (MO290-EP ) is a replacement probe designed for use with Extech’s MO290, MO295 and MO297 moisture meters. It features dual sharp pins and comes with a 30-in. cable.

Tech Specs

  • 30-in. cable
  • Dual sharp pins
  • Compatible with MO290, MO295 and MO297
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