Delmhorst Penetrating Uninsulated Pin and Retainer (2497/A-100)

Delmhorst’s 2497/A-100 uninsulated pin and retainer with 5/16-in. penetration can be used as replacements for the standard pin/retainer pair on all meters with built-in pins and 2-E and 4-E electrodes. These pins and retainers can be used on wood up to 6/4 (1 1/2-in.), concrete and gypsum. Available in a 24-pack.

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This pair of uninsulated pins and retainers with 5/16-in. penetration is designed for use on wood, concrete and gypsum.

Tech Specs

  • 5/16-in. penetration
  • 24-pack
  • Replacement pins
  • For use with all Delmhorst moisture meters
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