Delmhorst Deep Wall Probe (21-E Electrode)

Recognized for their durability and versatility, Delmhorst offers a wide variety of electrodes for moisture meters. The 21-E Electrode features 608 pins that are completely insulated, except at the tips, and can reach a maximum penetration of 3 1/4-in. Ideal for use on roofs, insulation and exterior insultation finishing systems (EIFS), this electrode is also available as the 21-E/001 with 6-in. penetration, or as the 21-ET with a tapped handle for hard-to-reach areas.

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Delmhorst’s 21-E Electrode is designed for use as a deep wall probe. Featuring 608 pins that are completely insulated everywhere except the tip, this electrode can be used on roofs, insulation and EIFS.

Tech Specs

  • 608 pins, insulated except tips
  • Also available as:
    • 21-E/001 with 6-in. penetration
    • 21-ET with a tapped handle
  • For use with all Delmhorst moisture meters
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