Delmhorst Short Wall Probe (2-E Electrode)

Recognized for their durability, Delmhorst offers a wide variety of electrodes for moisture meters. The 2-E Electrode is fitted with the 5/16-in. penetration pins that are mounted on pin type meters. This makes it ideal for a wide range of uses, including wood joists and drywall reading by home inspectors, curved surfaces such as cardboard and paper tubes by paper producers, and even timber, poles and veneer by woodworkers.

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Delmhorst’s 2-E Electrode can be used for a variety of applications, including home inspections and woodworking. It is also available as the 2-ET, which includes a tapped handle for hard-to-reach areas, and It can be fitted with A-103 uninsulated pins.

Tech Specs

  • Standard: Fitted with 5/16-in. penetration pins
  • Optional: Can be fitted with A-103 uninsulated pins with 1 3/32-in. length and 11/16-in. penetration
  • For use with all Delmhorst moisture meters
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