Aquatec 170 PSI Pump

Aquatec’s 3-chamber and 5-chamber diaphragm pumps are used for a variety of transfer and recirculation applications including heat exchange for open or closed loop systems, feed water transfer, diluted chemicals transfer, and agitation. Most models are designed for intermittent duty, although some models are rated for continuous operation. Aquatec offers a variety of chemically compatible materials which allow pumping of diluted and non-diluted fluids.

Aquatec’s 550 Series delivers powerful flow rates up to 6.0 GPM/22.7 LPM and pressures up to 90 PSI/ 6.1 bar. Our patented 5-chamber diaphragm and piston design allows these pumps to operate at exceptionally quiet noise levels and with minimal pulsations. The smaller, 3-chamber pumps offer additional options for space management.

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This replacement pump is used for transfer and recirculation applications with Aquatec equipment.

Tech Specs

  • Flow rates up to 6.0 GPM/22.7 LPM
  • Pressures up to 90 PSI/ 6.1 bar
  • 5-chamber and 3-chamber designs
  • Quiet operation
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