Sapphire Scientific Titanium Wand 14 inch

The 14-in. Titanium Wand by Sapphire Scientific is designed for use with large class truckmounts. Highly durable and ultra-lightweight, it features six jets that are evenly spaced across the 14-in. cleaning head for consistent spraying action. This wand also features a low profile that allows it to fit under furniture and other hard-to-reach, tight spaces.

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This 14-in. Titanium Wand features an ultra-lightweight construction and low profile for high performance, durability and handling.

Tech Specs

  • 14-in. cleaning path
  • Control valve: High-pressure top mounted valve
  • Quick connect: Industry standard brass 1/4 in. male connector
  • High-strength lightweight titanium construction
  • Six-jet manifold with VeeJet #9501 nozzles 95° spray angle
  • Smooth glide head surface
  • Easy to trigger, easy to rebuild valve assembly
  • Polymer glide available (67-084)
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