Prochem Clean Green

Prochem Clean Green’s unique non-ionic formulation makes it perfect for use in restoration situations where cationic cleaners and disinfectants will be used on synthetic carpets, upholstery or textiles. Clean Green emulsifies and removes soils related to water restoration and sewage remediation, in addition to oily soils found in fire damage restoration situations. Formulated to meet specifications for use on fifth-generation carpets, this product is low foaming for use with truckmount and portable extractors.

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Ideal for restoration jobs, Prochem’s Clean Green is a highly economical solution designed for use on synthetic carpets, upholstery and textiles.

Tech Specs

  • pH: 11.05
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Efficiently dissolves tough soils
  • Variable dilutions
  • Size options:
    • 114335 (8.695-156.0): Four 6 lb. jars
    • 112249 (8.695-157.0): One 40 lb. pail
    • 119339 (8.695-155.0): One 320 lb. drum
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