MotorScrubber DMT System + Virus Control

Combining deep cleaning and disinfection, DMT creates the ultimate, professional cleaning system. Use JET3’s powerful, Targeted Spray-Scrub Technology to effortlessly released engrained dirt from floors, walls and stairs. BLADE can either be used as a Power Squeegee to effortlessly direct dirty liquid into a floor drain, or be transformed into the ultimate mopping system, by simply attaching Ultra-Microfibre. For fast, targeted, disinfection, use STORM® to quickly and effectively disinfect all common touch points. Wall Dock mounts your DMT System to the wall for easy storage.

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MotorScrubber’s DMT System with Virus Control makes cleaning faster, safer and more efficient. Designed for use on all floors and hard surfaces, this system combines three powerful products — a dual powered backpack system, JET3 and STORM — to provide a through deep clean.

Tech Specs

  • Include JET3, BLADE, STORM and a battery-powered backpack
  • Wall dock for easy storage

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